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Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm EST
stumbling blocks? issue is if you don't use taxes and you don't dos with entitlements, how replace those sequester cuts? lots of ideas on the table, but each has its own issues, critics. some of the ideas, for example, aviation security fee for passengers every time they get plane. airlines don't like that. passengers don't either. some lawmakers call it a tax. aftere trying to go federal, woulders, make them contribute more to their retirement plans. withdoesn't sit well democrats. democrats also hoping to extend emergency unemployment benefits. more time they want that part of the mix. republicans don't like that idea. they think the emergency benefits should be canceled at this it point. john boehner hasn't closed the door completely on the issue, but it's one of the stumbling blocks. and after the report, deirdre, sell.ld be a tougher >> what if there's no deal? what's plan b? both sides are saying we want to avoid anything we can to not have a government shutdown. john boehner has said that there would be at a minimum, by the lawmakers leave for the holidays on friday, at least a te
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
by revenue in other areas, but they are avoiding the big questions, no major changes to taxes or entitlement programs. murray and staffers continue to make progress over the weekend but the deal taking shape already has some critics, like powerful maryland and virginia lawmakers proposing that they receive more money for their pension plans. conservative republicans do not like the idea of putting the current spending cap there. democrats want more on emergency spending benefits with unemployment at seven percent, which is a tough sell right now to republicans. a lot of things out there for people not to like in this deal, so it is no slam dunk even if the deal is sealed by friday. >> peter, thank you very much. budgets in washington, d.c. to back in new york and fending off activist investors, at least one in this case. bill ackman, that is one of the names you need to know. herbalife has added an independent orton member with an illustrious career focused on poverty and is approaching investors suggesting they pull money out of the $12 billion firm. it looks like a completely new tactic. w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2